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This blog covers a few different topics, including Philosophy, Web Development and SEO. I'll shortly be adding a filter to sort everything! But for now, here it is all at once.

Last update 2021-02-23

A bit on Integrated Information Theory, a theory of consciousness

I ran across a theory of consciousness called Integrated Information Theory (IIT) and found the axioms of consciousness fascinating. This…

by Paul Zimeras

Last update 2021-02-22

Auditing a website with Google PageSpeed | SEO Tutorials

What is Google PageSpeed Google PageSpeed is an open-source web development tool to audit webpages. It’s run online or within your Chrome…

by Paul Zimeras

Last update 2021-02-20

How to do organic keyword research, SEO Tutorials

Keyword research is the first (and most time-intensive) step you’ll take when you begin your SEO campaign. If you haven’t created your…

by Paul Zimeras

Last update 2021-02-19

Non-Reductive Physicalism, A Brief Introduction

Before I dive into non-reductive physicalism, I’ll very briefly define two other mind-body positions for context. Traditional Cartesian…

by Paul Zimeras

Last update 2021-02-18

Life in a seemingly morally bankrupt world

We live in a world where morally bankrupt individuals seemingly excel in nearly every aspect of their lives. And their continued success, be…

by Paul Zimeras

Last update 2021-02-17

What are the different types of copywriting?

There are many different types of copywriting. Based on the people I’ve spoken to, long form copy’s the type they’re most familiar with. But…

by Paul Zimeras

Last update 2021-02-21

Copywriter vs. Content Writer vs. Digital Marketing

Copywriting, content writing, and digital marketing are often used interchangeably by people outside of the writing and web design industry…

by Paul Zimeras

Last update 2021-02-16

What is copywriting

What is copywriting, & what does a copywriter do? Copywriting is the act of writing a block of text that has one goal: to sell something to…

by Paul Zimeras

Last update 2021-02-15

SEO Made Simple, A Step-by-Step Guide for 2021

What is SEO SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a bunch of things you do to your website to have it rank organically high…

by Paul Zimeras

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