Seeding Your Success, The Strategy of Growth from the Ground

Monday, August 14, 2023

Picture this: a hand full of seeds, each one bursting with potential. But what's their use if they remain unplanted? We all have ideas and dreams - seeds of potential. The trick is moving from holding them to planting them.

The Trap of Over-Planning

We often find ourselves preparing the perfect plot, awaiting the ideal conditions to plant all our seeds all at once. But in doing so, we ignore the soil that's ready today, right now. And often enough, the precious window to plant slips by. You see, it's not always about waiting for the finest seeds to plant, the best tools to plant them with, or waiting for your entire field to be ready before you begin planting; it's about planting what you have right now and ready at hand.

Personal Story: A Year with My 5k Dream

My initial runs were far from picturesque. My knees screamed, my back protested, and my sneakers, while old and far from those high-tech running shoes, were all I had. But, just like planting a seed, I started. A year seemed daunting, but with each day, I planted a little more effort, nurtured it, and watched it grow. Surprisingly, I didn't just hit my 5k goal; I surpassed it! The joy of jogging 5k wasn't just an isolated achievement. This tiny seed grew up and fed other avenues of my life; I would jog after a bike ride or a workout -- sometimes after both. I planted my seed, and it blossomed beyond my wildest expectations.

Applying the Lessons to Work and Life

Think of your aspirations and stratagies as the perfect field and the steps you'll take along the way as seeds in your bag. Maybe you don't have the fanciest tools or the perfect field this exact second. But there's likely some good soil under your feet right now that you could put a few seends in. Lace up those worn-out sneakers and walk a short walk; grab that pen, make that first sketch, and post that first post. Day by day, seed by seed, your field will flourish. Remember, it's not about having the perfect seed; it's about planting it and giving it a chance to grow.

In Conclusion

Even a tiny seed can lead to a sprawling tree when you action your plans. Your progress might surprise you, taking you beyond what you'd planned. So don't just hold onto your seeds. Plant them. The soil of opportunity awaits. Dive in, nurture daily, and revel in growth. The season for planting is now.