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An opinionated blog with topics ranging from SEO, to web development, to philosophy.

About this site

This website is built to highlight two things I'm very passionate about: modern web design & development & philosophy. The modern part of this has to do with it's technical aspects, such as responsive web design, page speed, and it's framework (ReactJS).

& the philosophy part...

I need somewhere to host my thoughts. I love reading about Sartre, Plato, Aristotle -- the good old what it is to be stuff. When I have the time & inspiration, I write something down.

Another reason I keep an active blog on my website is because today's social sharing platforms, like Facebook or Instagram, are constantly changing who and what is allowed to be posted on within their respective networks. So, I think it's important that my thoughts are hosted on my own platform, free from popular censorship. More so, many of our free hosting social sharing platforms also come with a fine-print allowing them to use our content on their and their partners platform(s) as they see fit, whether you agree with what they do with it or not.

So, welcome. I hope you find something interesting.