Web Design
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This website's a little project I put together highlight two things I'm passionate about: modern web design / development & philosophy. The project part is something called Gatsby.

What is Gatsby?

Gatsby is a powerful web development tool that allows designers to build modern websites & web applications (or PWAs). But unless you have a bit of nerd in you, most of what I could say about all this is jargon. Instead, I'll describe Gatsby as a performance driven, scalable, & security minded tool I use to build websites. Now, this isn't the only tool out there. Nor is it the only tool in my wheelhouse; I also develop Wordpress, PHP & static HTML sites. This, Gatsby, just happens to be my current favourite tool, &, since I drink my own kool-aid, I redesigned my old Wordpress website in this.

& philosophy...

I need somewhere to host my thoughts that is not hosted on someone else's platform (like Wordpress, Medium, Blogger, etc.). Many "free" hosting platforms often come with very small fine-print that allows them to use the content placed on them as they see fit.

So, welcome to my thought repository. I hope you find some of it interesting.

Hire a web developer & designer

If you are interested in hiring me as a web developer or web designer, feel free to reach out. My portfolio is hosted on my other website, Raw Media. There, my partners & I will build you everything from a single page website, to a full brand identity with digital marketing & SEO. Platforms available are Gatsby, Wordpress, Shopify, WooCommerce, & good, old-fashioned static websites built in HTML & PHP.