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Web design & philosophy

This website is built to highlight two things I'm very passionate about: modern web design / development & philosophy. The modern part of this has to do with how fast this website loads, how it is uses modern website security, and how this is a fully installable on your phone or tablet as a PWAP (Progressive Web Application).

& the philosophy part...

I need somewhere to host my thoughts. It's a mix between SEO, web development, and traditional philosophy. Also, today's social sharing platforms like Facebook or Instagram are constantly changing hwo is allowed to post on their network and who isn't. So, I think it's important that my thoughts are hosted on my own platform. Furthermore, many "free" hosting platforms often come with a very small fine-print that allows them to use your (my) content on their platform as they, the corperations see fit.

So, welcome to my thought repository. I hope you find some of it interesting.

Hire a web developer & designer

I build fast, secure websites. If you're interested in a website of your own, feel free to reach out. My portfolio is mainly hosted on my other website, Raw Media. There, my partners & I will build you everything from a single page website, to a full brand identity with digital marketing & SEO. Platforms available are Gatsby, Wordpress, Shopify, WooCommerce, & good, old-fashioned static websites built in HTML or PHP.

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