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Fast, Secure Websites

Fast, secure websites help your organic rank,
& boosting your performance in search engines.

Websites Built to Perform

Everyone hates slow websites. And with today's technology, there's little reason to have a slow website. Even worse, a slow website will hurt your organic ranking because speed is one of the ranking factors Google uses to decide where you should be placed in search results.

Custom WordPress Development

Wordpress is an industry staple. It's scalable, offers a great blogging experience, and is relatively simple for many people to use once it's up and running. This is a good solution if your company is looking for an easy-to-manage CMS. Just be aware that the simplicity in editing and blogging is balanced by regular maintenance in the form of updates and needs certain security measures to be set up.

Static Website Development

Static websites are some of the fastest and most secure websites out there. And many people who run extensive SEO campaigns turn to these because of their incredible performance. Outside of that, static websites comparatively cheaper to maintain when compared to CMS systems like WordPress, and much more secure.

The truth is many businesses do NOT need a WordPress website and are perfect candidates for a static website. Still, WordPress is a household name, and many web developers lean on it because it's familiar and easy to sell.

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