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Automated Web Accessibility Solutions for ADA & WCAG Compliance

Affordable, Efficient, Compliant

It's important that your website is accessible to everyone. Web accessibility guidelines help ensure that people with disabilities can access your site.

While the web accessibility guidelines (WCAG) in Canada are currently voluntary for the Public Sector, businesses in the Private Sector may require there websites be accessible to people with disabilities or face legal consequences. See the ACA (Accessibility Canada Act), passed June 2019.

How It Works

Screen Reader Accessibility

Our AI Software uses contextual understanding and image recognition to scan the functionality of every element on your website. It then adjusts it for screen reader accessibility so users with visual impairments can still use this site as efficiently as possible

Keyboard Navigation

The Contextual Understanding AI engine does more than just match the behaviour, style and structure of your website's elements. It uses machine learning to understand their functionality as well so you can use them without having any problems!

Personal UI & Design adjustments powered by an interface

The Accessibility interface provides a tailored experience for every user, regardless of their disability. It does this by supporting adjustments in content and color schemes as well as the way you view your device's screen from vertical orientation all the way down to how far apart each letter is placed on top one another when reading text!

How does I make your website compliant?

  • Ongoing WCAG & ADA Compliance
  • 24 Hour Compliance Monitoring
  • Fully Automatic